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Club rules

Please read the club rules and follow them.

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Cartoons after midnight. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

The rules

So the main rules are simple, just follow them and you’ll be fine here.

Regular rules

1. All posts should be in its topic/category.

2. Do NOT insult anyone, respect all the users.
3. No racism.
4. No Posts contains violence, racism, or any kind of ilegal stuff.
5. Any kind of SPAM is forbidden, if you wanna advertise please contact our stuff.

6. Breaking a rule means a warning.
7. 3 warnings means BAN.
8. 3 BANs means BAN forever.

AM rules

1. Toonsam.com is part of the PPG Fans community that is intended to the adults only. Using that part of the community you agree that you’re 18+ years old.

2. All the regular rules apply to the AM as well.
3. Post photos of real persons is absolutely forbidden.
4. Do NOT post pics contains any kind of racism or inciting intolerance, toddlercon, offensive to a real person/s, 3D realistic or any other kind of realistic stuff.
5. Each pic must be into the relevant category.
6. Warnings/BAN rules apply to the AM too.

Avatars and signatures

The avatars and signatures must follow the main rules.
Avatar max size is 200x180

The signatures can contain up to 2 banners or images up to 410x55 each one or one image up to 410x130.
The signature pictures must not be too large and/or irritating to the eye.

Each user is responsible for its posts.


Club souteneur rules, rights and policits

What is that "Club souteneur booth" for?

The club souteneur booth is more than just a forum section.
We all have some ideas in our heads for something new, interest, special etc., but sometimes we need some help to finish it,
or release it, or even begin it(You know what they said "The blank page is the hardest part of the project").
So here it is what is that section for, there we can work together on our projects,, if you have an idea, you can share it with everyone,
and we all can develop it together.
If you have a ready project, you can share it with us to try to gain some support for its release.

Become a club souteneur

Becoming to that group means you will have the rights to post projects.
For your and our members security there is some requirements to cover before you become suitable to join the group.
1. You must be an ACTIVE member for at least 3 months.
2. Your reputation must be at least 101.
That means you must be active and useful, SPAMing won’t help you.

Post a project

1. First of all the regular rules applys to the projects section and their contents too.
2. The projects you post must be your OWN, do NOT copy/paste ready stories from other authors without their permission.
If you believe you have a permission to post a 3rd party author’s work as a project, contact an admin to discuss the possibilities of posting that project.
3. The allowed projects are comics, single pics, CGs, videos, games, but nothing that includes real persons.
4. When you post project, the thread headline must begun with one of the following indexes depends of its type :

Project Comics – For comics
Project Pic/s - For a single or multiple pics
Project CG – for CGs
Project Video – For videos
Project Game – For games
Yuri and yaoi projects are allowed but in that case its not required but it would be nice if you mark it in the headline for example “(Yuri)Project Comics – Name of your project”
5. Explain maximal detailed your project to be clear what is it for, what are your expects etc.
It would be useful if you present the characters who’s act into the project.
6. To ask support for your project put the support button
which you can find into the emojis list linked to your paypal.me url. Because of your and our user’s security this is the only way to support your projects through this board.
7. If you post more then one project, give(Type) a support key different for each project, so the user will type it as a subject as its donation to let you know which project he/she would like to support.
8. If you would like to post a project idea, then just use the project simple but change the word "Project" with the word "Idea", then explaine maximal detailed your idea and your expections about it.
9. After a project have gain the needed support, it's author is required to mark it as supported, and once it is finished to mark its project as "Finished". Also we will be thankful if he share it with our members throught the board.
10. To avoid maliciously using of projects, 6 months after their publishing the projects will be closed. If you believe you still need to leave it open, contact an admin.
11. Using Toonsam.com
to support your projects means your are obligated to share your finished project(Pic/s, comics, etc.) on the toonsam.com community.

Club souteneur rights and politics :

1. The Club souteneur is the only user group that have the rights to post a new topic into the Club souteneur section.
2. Each Club souteneur is totatlly responsible for its projects, their contains and everything connected with them.
3. Before post a project the Club souteneur must be sure that his project is following the rules of the Toonsam.com.
4. Posting a project/s that contains prohibited by our rules stuff will effect to removing your project and warning for you. 3 warnings means you will lost your Club souteneur membership and you’ll be temporary banned.
5. Posting projects contains illegal stuff or for the purpose of SCAM or anything illegal will effect of losing your Club souteneur rights and a permanent BAN instantly.
6. Once you have lost your Club souteneur rights you won’t be approved to that group again.

Support a project

If you decided to support a project through Toonsam.com, there are several easy steps :
1. Be sure the topic is posted by a team member or member from the group “Club souteneur”, and the support button is in the first post.
2. Carefully take a look through the first post in the project’s topic if there is a project key. (That’s possible if the author have more than one project in the same time, and the key will help him to know which project do you want to support.), copy the key.
3. Click the support button to be redirected to the author’s paypal page.
4. Choose the amount you would like to send to support the project.
5. In the payment subject paste the project key if you’ve found one on its topic headline post.
6. That’s it, you are done.

Remember, the only way to support projects that we allow is through Paypal.me feature and the only authorized users to post projects and ask your support are from the team groups(Administrators and Moderators) and the special group “Club souteneur”. Do NOT send money to anything different of Paypal.me, NO IBANs, NO E-mails, NO credit/debit cards, no Western union or anything else. Also the support button must be always into the first(headline) post of the project topic and projects are published only into the section Club souteneur's booth NOWHERE ELSE.



Club funfictions library

1. In that new part of our little world all the users will be available to post their funfiction stories.
2. All the regular rules are eligable to that section and its contents too.
3. Asking support for your stories through that section is forbidden.

The Tonns After midnight(toonsam.com) is NOT responsible for the users projects and their contains or anything posted by the users.
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    Nov 2, 2023
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